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ECHO - Military Green

about the frame

ECHO - Military Green

When you wear Echo, we guarantee everyone will be asking about your goggle! Echo's frameless goggle design creates unrivaled peripheral vision, and the top-notch panoramic lens cuts glare and quickly adjusts to every light condition you find on the mountain. How? The Revo Light Management System™ (LMS) and the Revo Polarized Photochromic Light Management System™ (PPLM). The LMS protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, blue light and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, and the PPLM quickly and automatically adjusts to bright light and low light situations. The superior lens is coupled with an anti-slip adjustable strap that comes in variety of slope-approved colors and prominently features the Revo logo in a playful motif. Other smart features, like our air-vent technology that reduces fogging and triple layer foam protection for one the most secure, yet comfortable fits available, make Echo the perfect blend of form and function.

Adjustable, stylish strap

Constructed with anti-slip silicone breads to stay put

Unrivaled Peripheral Vision

For an optimal field of vision on the slopes

Air-Vent Technology

For optical air flow inside and out, our air-vent technology reduces fogging

Triple Layer Foam Protection

For a secure, comfortable fit that doesnÌt sacrifice function or flexibility

Dual lens

Two layers of lenses help prevent fogging

Revo Polarized Photochromic Serilium Lens

Lightweight, shatterproof lens formulated of polycarbonate

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