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buy vision give sight mission

Our Mission

Together, Revo, Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute
are committed to preventing vision impairment and blindness
more than 5 million children and adults by 2020. 
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Revo & the Brien Holden Vision Institute

Our combined goal is to create permanent and sustainable eye care services throughout the world.
Hundreds of millions of children and adults do not have access to eye care or a pair of glasses. Revo is partnering with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to ensure people all over the world have access to the eye care services and the treatments they need.

What your Revo purchase supports


In some developing countries, there may only be one eye care practitioner per 1 million people. Training local people to provide eye care, exams and glasses is one of the first defenses for preventing vision impairment and irreversible eye diseases.


In many under-resourced communities, vision problems go untreated. Training school teachers to identify vision problems in students and adults is just one crucial method of detecting eye health problems which, if left untreated, could lead to permanent vision loss.


Providing quality, affordable treatment that is accessible to communities is critical to reducing vision impairment and blindness. However, establishing services to provide eye care is only one piece of the puzzle. To ensure sustainability long into the future, ongoing training and support is required so that capacity is strengthened at the local level, with eye care provided by local people, for local people, and public policy on eye care can be improved.

As an activist and philanthropist, Bono is focused on building awareness for this very important issue, one that is deeply personal to him. Vision Over Visibility is a limited edition collection in support of the Buy Vision, Give Sight initiative.