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Partnership and Empowerment

Building eye care services where needed

The Brien Holden Vision Institute believes that everyone, regardless of where they live in the world, should have access to eye care. They develop eye care programs, deliver education courses, establish vision centers and schools of optometry, and impact government policy to get services where they are most needed. But most importantly they recognize that they cannot implement a global solution on their own. In countries around the world, they build partnerships with local experts to create sustainable, affordable and accessible eye care for all.


The Brien Holden Vision Institute strives to empower communities and nations to reach a point where optometric services are established, provided and managed by local people, for local people. They know that the link between poverty, uncorrected vision impairment and blindness is undeniable. In recognizing this, they have established a social enterprise approach to vision care that not only provides eye care services to those in need, but facilitates career opportunities for new and experienced practitioners, earning potential for social entrepreneurs, and in many cases, helps break the cycle of poverty. At Revo, we are excited to become part of their vision.

By addressing uncorrected vision impairment, we are enhancing the educational opportunities for children,
improving people’s employment prospects and helping to improve the quality of life for millions.