For tennis fans, the US Open is one of the most exciting events of the year. We caught up with two Revo ambassadors- tennis players Bjorn Fratangelo, who just competed in his third US Open, and 12-year-old Isabella Hartung, a year-round tennis pro in the making. Below, Bjorn and Isabella share their expert advice for tennis players.


Revo: What was your experience like at the US Open this year?

Bjorn Fratangelo: My experience at the US Open was something I'll remember forever. Historically, even dating back to my junior tennis days, I could never play well there. I actually had never won a match in New York before this year. But to win my first round against a top-40 opponent [Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic] and do it in front of a packed crowd was amazing. 
I played well in my second round too, but it just wasn't meant to be. It's so much fun playing your home grand slam with so many people supporting you!

Revo: How do you calm your nerves before playing in a big stadium?

BF: My nerves aren't usually that bad until right before I play. I do a pre-match warmup to get a sweat going and then about ten minutes before playing, I sit alone or with my coach and mentally calm myself and get ready for battle. 

Revo: Who’s your dream opponent?

BF: My dream opponent is Roger Federer. I've played Novak Djokovic, so I can say I played the #1 player in the world last year. But to play the best player to ever live would be an amazing experience.

Revo: What’s your favorite Revo style? Do you wear sunglasses when you play?

BF: The Easton is awesome! I don’t wear sunglasses on the court because I feel like it messes with my depth perception. But I’m always wearing the Huddie in the car or if I’m out in the daytime. I’m wearing them anytime I’m not playing tennis!

Bjorn’s Top 5 Tennis Tips

  • Keep your eye on the ball
  • Always move your feet
  • Be fearless
  • Never leave your racquets at home
  • Enjoy every moment on the court

Isabella Hartung, Revo’s only junior ambassador, currently holds the #1 ranking in North Carolina and #17 in the USA. After suffering a minor injury this summer, she’s ready to get back on the court and shared her tips for staying safe as an athlete.

Steps for improving your tennis game while preventing injury

#1 CORE!

                Your core has an impact on every shot. A stronger core will help you stay centered and balance the use of other parts of your body. It’s easy to overwork or overuse any part of your body. Your core, however, will help keep everything in check. While strengthening your core might sound hard, just keep working and it will get easier in no time!

#2 Stamina!

                In order to fight just as hard in a third set as you did in the first, you need stamina! Going for a run or sprints will build your stamina (and speed) and keep you in the long points.

#3 Nutrition!

                In long, hard matches and tough training, a balanced meal makes a HUGE difference! The most important meal is breakfast. Eating a good breakfast will have you awake and ready to fight! Another big tip is to always stay hydrated. Either during a match or getting ready to play a match, always drink lots of water or electrolytes.

#4 Warm Up!

                Always warm up before a match! A warmup will prevent injuries and prepare you for your match. Without a warmup, it might take a whole set or even a match before you are truly warmed up and ready to play.

#5 Rest!

                Rest allows your body to recover and get ready for another battle. Without enough sleep, however, it may be challenging to perform your best in your next match.

                Best of luck with your tennis game and I hope these tips helped!