Revo Ambassadors Tim and Allison "Fin" Diemer (@timandfin) document the high highs and low lows of travel on their YouTube adventure series, TRIPPED. Here’s a peek into how filming their experiences during a year-long world journey without ever previously operating a camcorder began as a little project for their own entertainment and turned into a full-time gig.


Ever look at travel videos or Instagram posts and think … that’s not actually what it’s like?

Before leaving on a year-long trip around the world, we found inspiration with Youtube videos featuring stunning models running down white sand beaches with their wraps flapping behind them in slo-mo. Then, when we got there we found:

Budget accommodations in the Philippines? You’re probably sharing your room with a gecko or two.

New Zealand in a cheapo campervan? Lots of sandflies and lots of rain.

Don’t know the language in Vietnam? You’re going to be eating a lot of mystery soup.

It’s strange, what started as a silly little project has grown into something that has helped shape our lives.

TRIPPED is our YouTube adventure series that began as a hobby, something to work on while on our round-the-world trip. It was super awkward at first - two people who could barely operate a camcorder had decided to spend 10 months shoving a camera in each other's faces.

TRIPPED found its voice in showing the real side of travel. While living out of backpacks for a year, we had a few rough patches. However, they were always completely eclipsed by some of the amazing experiences we had. What it made us realize is that we’re happiest when we’re constantly on the move and exploring new places.

Eventually, our first trip came to an end. It was time to come home, get jobs, and settle down.

Except we couldn’t. Instead, we worked like a couple of maniacs at building our own remote businesses so we could hit the road again. We renovated a 13-year-old RV (SO MUCH PAINTING) and, with our new 10 lbs fluffy puppy, Pepper, got back on the road.

TRIPPED RV was born.

Finding the longest route possible, we set off from Michigan in the winter, drove to Florida, then off to... Alaska?

Each TRIPPED RV weekly Sunday episode documents the next step of the adventure. We’ve had more than our share of breakdowns, boondocking, and getting off the beaten path. Of course, we make sure to poke some fun at ourselves along the way - some of the problems we’ve run into are completely OUR fault after all.

Our recent TRIPPED RV episode on the Beartooth Highway in Montana represents one of our favorite aspects of life on the road - getting to be completely surprised by the unexpected. I mean, we knew the Beartooth was going to be a white-knuckle drive in a 30 ft RV. What we didn’t know is that over the course of the day we’d be impromptu snowboarding with locals, hitchhiking in the back of pickup trucks, tracking down marmots, playing frisbee in the snow with our dog, and getting to witness views that rival the beauty of anyplace else we’ve been.

Hope you come along on the adventure with us! If by chance, you’re slowed by traffic behind us in the RV, I promise you, we’re driving as fast we can!

 Watch "NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED! Beartooth Pass" - TRIPPED RV S3 E5


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