Aimee at Rock Creek Bridge in Rock Creek, Montana

 There’s something so enticing about a road trip out west.  The original great American adventure, it keeps calling generation after generation to get into a car and drive across the United States. 

 One of those adventurers is Tight Loops, a fly fishing collective that’s going west and documenting life of the road, adventure, and fly fishing.  Made up of Aimee Savard, a photographer and letterpress printer, and Chase Bartee, a filmmaker and fly fisher who lives in Providence, RI, we discovered Tight Loops as they were gearing up for their trip and asked if we could come along for the ride. 

 Armed with a camera, some fly fishing equipment, and Revo Sunglasses, Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee are traveling, living, and working out of their 1985 VW Westfalia.  They sent us some snaps from the road.  (Wish we were there!)  Check them out and follow Tight Loops’ blog for updates on their adventures.