Revo has partnered with SKIN Sunscreen to enhance and expand the mission of providing proper sun protection through specially designed products. SKIN’s zinc-based formula, made for golfers by golfers, was awarded the 2018 ‘Editors’s Choice’ by Golf Digest for “Best Sunscreen and Lip Balm” in Golf.

“Sunscreen and quality eye protection are both essential to lifelong enjoyment of any outdoor sport given the number of hours under the sun,” said Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen. “Partnering with Revo gives us the opportunity to work together to provide more people with options for everyday sun protection, while increasing their awareness of skin cancer and UV damage.”



 We sat down with Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen, to learn about how they got started in the golf industry, what sets them apart, and what’s coming next.

How did SKIN Sunscreen get started in the Golf Industry?

SKIN was founded in 2016 by two families, holding many years of experience in the golf space, both having a personal relationship with skin cancer and its harsh reality. General Manager, Jessica Folino, spent 15 years at Private and Resort facilities as the Merchandise Coordinator. Recognizing the lack of non-greasy, fully-functioning sunscreen options for golf enthusiasts of all ages, SKIN spent many months formulating the perfect solution.

What sets SKIN apart from other brands?

SKIN Sunscreen is proud to share our premium line of sunscreen products sold exclusively in golf facilities and online. Our non-greasy, Oxybenzone-free, stain-free lotion formula is guaranteed not to run into your eyes and burn while sweating. Though our industry focus started with golf, our products are designed for all outdoor activities where the sun’s harmful UV rays are present. SKIN covers all the bases for maximum, broad spectrum protection from both UVA (cancer causing) and UVB (burning) rays. Our product line up is simple, offering a product formulated for daily use without the technical issues often found in other brands.

Any new products coming soon we should keep an eye out for?

SKIN Sunscreen’s focus is preventing and protecting against skin cancers of all kind. We take great pride in educating and encouraging proper skin health habits, while considering the environmental effects of the ingredients we use. We are very excited to announce the addition of our new SPF50 Reef Safe Continuous Spray. This Oxybenzone-free and Octinoxate-free formula is coral reef friendly and environmentally kind. The new spray formula will be available early 2019.

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