What does it take to swim the Atlantic Ocean?  Revo UK Brand Ambassador Ben Hooper is going to be the first person to find out.

In November the Brit is going to swim from Dakar Harbour, Senegal and arrive two months later in Natal, Brazil. No stranger to hard work and adventure, Hooper’s served with the military and police, worked in mental health and psychology, and is an AIDA 2 Star Freediver and a PADI Open Water Diver. He’s swam his whole life, and while living in Fuerteventura, Hooper began frequently freediving, scuba diving, and long distance swimming, which led to his dream of being the first person to swim the Atlantic Ocean.  

How many miles is that? Approximately 1,731 miles through jellyfish and shark-infested waters ranging in 68 to 86 Fahrenheit.  

Ben will swim up to 12 hours a day in two 6-hour shifts accompanied by a support boat.  Between the shifts he’ll rest two hours, and then he’ll rest up to 10 hours per night.  During his rest breaks, he’ll also eat a high carbohydrate, fat, and protein diet to replenish the thousands of calories he’ll burn per day.

To prepare for his daunting swim, Hooper is training with the support of the Sports and Exercise Science team of Hartpury College, one of the UK’s leading sports colleges.  A typical day of training includes long distance swimming and cardiovascular and core workouts to improve his endurance and technique, and to strengthen his discipline.  Hooper will have to give everything he’s got to join the small group of people who’ve swam thousands of miles in the ocean.  

Revo is proud to support Hooper as he prepares for the world’s first full Atlantic swim.  What to learn more?  Read about Hooper and his swim HERE, and be sure to follow him onFACEBOOK and TWITTER!