[Are you piecing together a last-minute #holidayadventuretravel hunt for trout? Check out Fly Fisherman editor Ross Purnell’s exhaustive rundown of fishing in New Zealand. Remember your Revos with Green Water lenses. —Brian H. at Revo]

On my knees in the grass, it was impossible for me to actually see the trout. Ed Halson had a much better vantage point high on an outcropping of eroded schist. Flattened like a sniper, he could see the black spots of the trout, and its yellow, outstretched pectoral fins as it held a position at the head of a long, glassy pool.

The trout’s spotted marble eye recognized something at the surface, and its pectorals instantly adjusted to the target.

“He’s seen something,” Halson called out. “He’s moving to the left. He’s coming up,” and with the nimble agility of a pachyderm picking a peanut off the floor, the great trout plucked a small, tan cicada from the surface. … [CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY]

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Photo: “TEKAPO TROUT, SOUTH ISLAND NZ“ by REXNESS licensed under CC BY 2.0