As one of the three pillars of Revo, technology is quite literally the base upon which the brand was built. In 1985 Revo entered the market as the first performance sunglass lens that revolutionized an industry. But in today’s world, where high-tech choices abound, what sets Revo apart- and is the technology still the best out there? The answer to the latter question is a resounding YES. To get to the bottom of the former question, we went behind the scenes and to the lab. Below, Al, our lens expert, answers everything you didn’t know you needed to know about Revo’s groundbreaking performance lens technology.


What is the difference between polarized lenses and non-polarized lenses? Does wearing polarized lenses really make a difference?

Polarized lenses incorporate a “polarized film” that cuts glare. This film is part of the lens that provides glare reduction and has a tint and specific light transmission. Non-Polarized lenses are just tinted to a specific color and transmission. Yes, there is a significant difference. Polarized lenses cut annoying glare off reflective surfaces like water, roads, and car hoods. They also help enhance the visual experience. Normal tinted, non-polarized sunglasses do not cut glare and primarily just darken the light coming through the lens.

What is the point of the Revo Light Management System™? What is so great about it?

The Revo Light Management System™ is a combination of multiple features built into the lens technology: polarization and specific proprietary filters that provide contrast and image enhancement; UV protection; Blue Light blocking and management; scratch-resistant coatings; oleophobic (super slippery, debris-resistant coatings) on the front surface and Anti-Reflective coating (AR) on the back surface; plus a hydrophobic effect (water and moisture repellent). This combination of features is unique and superior to most other premium lenses. The difference? As soon as you put on a pair of Revos you will notice that colors pop, the world comes to life, the outdoors brighten, and you see contrast and highlights like never before. The LMS™ technology improves visual acuity (image sharpness), and your eyes will relax and enjoy the most outstanding vision in a sunglass lens.

Surface Pro Graphic

Additionally, all Revo lenses have NASA-inspired mirror coatings. Our unique multi-layer coatings not only look great and provide a dramatic visual look to others while you are wearing the sunglasses, a truly cosmetic effect, but also help enhance the Light Management System™, having low internal reflections. This improves the overall visual experience. They have a scratch-resistant and oleophobic coating to provide resistance from debris and an easy-to-clean, slippery surface. 

What is this LMS™ graph actually telling me?

LMS Graph

The Revo LMS™ graph shows how we manage light and selectively filter the light rays at certain points in the visible spectrum to provide contrast, color pop, and overall visual and image enhancement.

My eyes are sensitive to light. Which Revo lenses are best for me?

For light-sensitive eyes the Revo Graphite (grey-based lens ) is the best. Revo Graphite Lenses block more light while improving contrast and even color distribution. This means the colors remain true and neutral when looking through the lens. Revo polarization provides extra protection from glare plus UV and low-level blue light (HEV) protection, and cuts unwanted backside reflections with our Anti-Reflective coatings.

How do Revo’s High-Contrast Polarized lenses differ from any other Polarized lens I can buy?

Revo LMS™ technology is a combination of glare-blocking polarization and specific light management from the tinted lens.. Many other brands only provide straight polarization. What makes Revo different is the combination of protection against both UV and HEV light, visual enhancement, and superior color contrast, all in one lens.

What’s the point of Revo lenses’ mirror coatings?

Revo mirror coatings have multiple purposes. Our unique multi-layer technology (derived from the NASA space program) not only provides a dramatic look while wearing them, a true cosmetic effect, but also helps enhance the Light Management System™, providing low internal reflections and improving the overall visual experience. They have a scratch-resistant coating to provide resistance against debris, and are topped with a super slippery oleophobic coating, making them easy to clean.

Revo lenses filter certain colors in the visible light spectrum; why is this necessary for good vision?

Plain tinted sunglasses just block the light coming into your eyes; this is a good thing but not necessarily the best for your vision. Revo LMS™ lenses block 100% of UV rays plus manage potentially harmful low-level blue light (or High Energy Visible light), which helps improve visual acuity (sharpness of images). These filters also provide color enhancement and contrast. Revo LMS™ lenses relax your eyes, reducing eye strain and squinting, and keep all the beautiful colors of nature natural.

Revo lenses come in two materials: Crystal (glass) and Serilium (Polycarbonate). Does either material provide less protection than the other?

While both Crystal and Serilium have features and benefits unique to each material, both provide the same protection for UV and low level blue light (HEV). Serilium is a higher impact lens than glass, meaning it is more shatter-resistant, and is lighter weight. Crystal glass provides a higher level of Infra Red protection and is less prone to scratching. Both incorporate all the same great features of the LMS™ technology for visual and image enhancement.

Retro LMS Graphic

Vintage Revo graphic showing lens management of UV, blue light, and infrared light.


What are the risks of wearing lenses without full-spectrum UV protection?

As we know, the ozone layer is depleting and the latest concern is protecting eyes from not only UV rays but low level blue light (High Energy Visible Light). Some studies have shown that long-term exposure to both UV and HEV light can be potentially harmful to your eyes and vision. These studies have shown the possibility of early onset of cataracts (clouding of the eyes lens) and macular degeneration (disease of the retina). Wearing sunglass lenses like Revo’s protect your eyes with 100% UV protection and manage low level blue light.


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