When the mountains call to me, I go.

That is the best way I can describe the feelings that I get and exactly what happened to me last November, as my team and I were called to Nepal.

When the mountains are mixed-in with philanthropic endeavors and exciting new terrain, I’m linked up with my dear friend Jeff Evans —an expert adventure guide, high altitude medic, and professional mountaineer. A Nepal Expedition had been on our radar since his Medical Mission in Nepal after the devastating earthquake rocked the precious region and its peaceful people in 2015.

We chose two different climbs for the expedition and built two dynamic teams - made up of US military veterans, philanthropists, teachers, and my bestie since I was 10 - Remembrance Staber; a bunch of all-around good people joined-together to see this epic endeavor through.

We focused our philanthropic efforts on the most abundant need and zeroed in on an orphanage in Kathmandu, that services children with disabilities. Along with the help of private donations and a hands-on attitude from both teams, we succeeded in supporting the children of the CDCA Orphanage and the surrounding community with a full day medical-clinic and stock medical supplies. We donated several wheelchairs, computers, and hired an educator who stayed with them for weeks. Monies for food supplies for months ahead was raised, there were dental supplies and water filters, and shoes and boots were handed out to the joyful music of donated harmonicas and an abundance of love.

This was an Expedition designed to give back - a most fulfilling way to journey through the spectacular and hectic panorama and sit at the top of the world among five of Nepal's highest peaks, seen optimally through a Revo lens and after several days of hard pulling, knowing we had done some good.





The Alpha Team: 

Heather Thomson, Jeff Evans, Michael Milner, Diggs Brown, Paul Szary, Greg Swanson and Matt Hines

Mera Photo and Video Credit:
Matt Hines

CDCA Photo Credit: 
Eric Donaho 


Eric Donaho