When you give Revo, you give quality, adventure, and style.  But when faced with 7 collections, 9 lenses, and hundreds of color choices, shopping can be overwhelming. This year, we’ve made it easier for you with a Revo Holiday Gift Guide for every person on your list. When you give Revo, you give performance that has been beloved for decades, and styles that have been put to the test at the highest altitudes, coldest climates, and wettest points on earth. And because Revo donates $10 for every pair of sunglasses or goggles purchased to help those fighting for their sight, you also give back!


Come winter, The Ski Bum just can’t get enough of that powder. They are up at the crack of dawn to hit the slopes and don’t stop until nightfall. On-slope or après-ski, we have a gift they’ll use again and again and again!

  1. Loki (additional colors available)-$229
  2. Windspeed Jacket (additional colors available)-$275
  3. Traverse (additional colors available)-$269
  4. Active Luxe Base Layer (additional colors available)-$125


The Travel Enthusiast touches down at home base for a quick visit, then is off on another adventure. Gift them something that is easy to carry and useful for every delayed flight and flat tire.

  1. Lightweight Packable Jacket (additional colors available)-$225
  2. Explorer Pant-$105
  3. Remus (additional colors available)-$199
  4. Huddie (additional colors available)-$189

The Vintage Devotee loves classic, quality pieces that come with a great story. Revo’s newest addition, The 1985 Collection, is an all-glass sunglass collection that features vintage-inspired shapes straight out of the Revo archives, featuring the re-introduced H20 Blue lens that revolutionized performance eyewear over 30 years ago. Perfect for the collector, or anyone who just appreciates a darn good pair of sunglasses that will never go out of style!

1. Easton (additional colors available)-$349

2. Dalton (additional colors available)-$349

3. Easton (additional colors available)-$349

4. Easton (additional colors available)-$349

5. Clayton (additional colors available)-$349


In the Big City, life moves pretty fast, and The Urban Dweller doesn’t let anything slow them down.  Gift versatile essentials that can hang on for the ride.

  1. Rubberized Rain Jacket-$245
  2. Relay (additional colors available)-$229
  3. Windspeed (additional colors available)-$199-$299
  4. Lightweight Packable Vest (additional colors available)- $175

Surf, Skate, Repeat. West Coast style meets lightweight performance for The Surfer in your life. Performance sunglasses are essential for the long days outside, and the new Revo Tees will be worn again and again.

  1. Two-Tone Luxe Tee (additional colors available)-$45
  2. Ryker (additional colors available)-$199

The Do-Gooder loves gifts that give back, especially during the holidays. Revo donates $10 to the Brien Holden Vision Institute through Buy Vision, Give Sight for any sunglass or goggle purchased, so all the styles in this gift guide will help someone fighting for their sight get the care they need. The Vision over Visiblity capsule collection was designed in collaboration with our charitable giving partner, Bono, to emulate his iconic style while providing something extra special for Buy Vision, Give Sight. The capsule collection includes 4 custom lens colors- Custom Lavender, Custom Brown, Custom Green, and Custom Blue.

  1. Buzz (additional colors available)-$249




The Revo Ambassadors have put these frames to the ultimate test. These are the frames of choice for scaling the forests of São Tomé, trekking the Badlands of Alberta, skiing the slopes of the Himalayas, and journeying across the French Alps. Shop Ambassador Favorites, then follow them on Instagram for the ultimate #GetOutside inspiration. 

1. Easton (additional styles available)-$349

2. Traverse (additional colors available)- $269

3. Otis (additional colors available)- $189

4. Kingston (additional colors available)- $349

5. Lukee (additional colors available)- $189-$279

6. Wordsmith (additional colors available)- $229

7. Harness (additional colors available)- $189

8. Baseliner (additional colors available)-$199

9. Blackwell (additional colors available)-$349

10. Clayton (additional colors available)-$349

11. Guide S (additional colors available)-$189

12. Carlisle (additional colors available)-$349

13. Paxton (additional colors available)-$199