We asked Revo Ambassadors to share who, and why, they're celebrating this Sunday. Below- ambassadors tell us how their fathers influenced their childhoods and beyond.

David Lottmann:

This is in 1994 hiking out in Red Rock Canyon with his then 16-year-old son (me) so I could try outdoor rock climbing. He let me tie him to a large boulder to belay me as I did not have an extra harness for him and then bravely watched me experiment with lead climbing and rope techniques I had only read about in books. His encouragement for me to pursue this hobby despite his own fear of heights certainly helped propel me to a fulfilling career as a mountain guide years later. The path was not always smooth and continues to provide challenges, but he is always there when I need him. He is the BEST Dad ever!

Dave is a professional mountaineering and rock climbing guide living in New Hampshire.

Shawn Corrigan:

Spending time fishing in a river with my dad is one of my all-time favorite things to do!  Recently we learned how to fly fish together and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything!

Shawn is a photographer, filmmaker, and explorer. He lives on the road.

Meliz K:

From the time that I was a little girl, my dad started teaching me how to sail. He taught me how to appreciate the sport, and how to do it correctly and safely.

Because of this, sailing has always had a special place in my heart, and it is a passion that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  I hope to one day teach my children to sail as my dad taught me and my grandfather taught him. It is one of those things that you don’t have to be the best at to have fun; maybe you cannot sail for a really long time, but when you get on a boat it still gives you that thrill and excitement.

I think the first time I was on a boat with my dad, just the two of us, I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, and that’s when I really started to understand the parts of the boat; we started having a lot of fun on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes I would even race or do race patrol with him, and it gave us something fun to do as father and daughter.

My dad and I have different interests, but this is one thing that we could always do together and have a ton of fun. We would spend weekends together, prepping the boat for the season. These weekends created a lot of memories between my dad and me. Many of the memories I have with my dad are shaped around sailing. Eventually I asked if I could go racing with him, and that became another fun thing we could do on Wednesdays in the summer. Many of the things I know about sailing, from the vocabulary to the many slight adjustments you can make to make your boat go faster, I have learned from being on a boat and racing with my dad and his crew.. My dad and I are extremely competitive, so winning races together gives us a chance to be competitive together.

Sailing at the Nyack Boat Club gives my dad and me the chance to bond and do something cool when we don’t want to be at home during the summer.

Last year, we took our first sailing trip with just the two of us. It was amazing because we got to talk for hours just sitting on the water, and we read books and we talked about really funny things. We had an amazing time last summer and I hope we get to do it again because I still have more to learn. Every time you step on a boat, there is something new to learn. Sailing is a life skill that I got from my dad, that he got from his dad, and that I hope to pass on to my children one day. 

Meliz is a high school freshman and recreational sailor living in New Jersey.

Josh Delmas:

Throw back to my first offshore fishing trip with you! I remember crying after the fish was landed and wasn't sure I would ever do it again! Times have changed since then and we now release them....good for me also! Not sure which hobby you introduced me to is more expensive and time consuming- golf or fishing, but either way I am glad I can still enjoy them with you - happy Father's Day !

Josh is a member of competitive offshore fishing team Outcast Barbados and based in the Southern Caribbean. 

Ben Royce:

My Dad and I have always spent a lot of time in the outdoors together and I could not imagine where I'd be without his guidance. Not only is he one of my best friends, but he's an incredible mentor to me throughout my life. So proud to call him Dad!

Ben is a fisherman, charter captain, and hunting guide based in Wisconsin.

Chris Brinlee, Jr.

My dad first introduced me to the outdoors before I could walk through family camping trips. Most of my most memorable childhood experiences were spent outside as well. As we all got older, however, we sort of lost sight of what drew us out there until I rediscovered the outdoors on my own a few years ago - eventually making a career out of adventure storytelling. Getting back outside with my dad was an awesome experience; it was also a reminder where my adventurous nature comes from.

Chris is a professional content creator, photographer, and storyteller currently traveling the world.

Mitch Quiring

My Dad, Larry, has always taught me to look at life with different angles. This often falls between general problem solving and changing scenery, AKA, perpetuating my love for life outside. This is him giving backstory on our (spectacular) angle of the day years ago in the Tablelands, Sequoia National Park, CA. Love you, Dad!

Mitch is a photographer, skier, + climber based out of Mammoth Lakes, California.