First day out skiing this year in Montana! There was an inversion, and it was magic to be above the sea of clouds on the upper mountain at Bridger Bowl. A little bit of fresh snow didn’t hurt either. That was Monday morning before work—not a bad way to start the week. The skier is my husband Pat Wolfe, who’s been skiing Bridger for 22 years and still can’t seem to get enough of it.

Revo ambassador Emily Stifler Wolfe’s first job in Bozeman was selling cookies off her tailgate at the turnoff to Bridger Bowl. Having since washed dishes, thrown avalanche bombs, and edited a newspaper and magazine, she is now in charge of media and outreach for the nonprofit ADVENTURERS AND SCIENTISTS FOR CONSERVATION. Follow her on Twitter @EMILYSTIFLER.

Photo by Emily Stifler Wolfe