Hiking a glacier is no easy feat, and mountaineers need all the help they can get when exploring this icy terrain. Since the 1980s, their sunglass style of choice has been the glacier glass, and we’re excited to introduce Traverse, our version of this iconic frame.

Legend has it that the glacier glass was first created when a mountaineer stopped into a village craft store while traveling an alpine trail. He gave a craftsman a pair of his sunglasses and some scraps of leather and asked the man to turn the glasses into something that would protect his eyes while traversing the mountain.  The resulting product was the first pair of glacier glass sunglasses.

Whether you believe the legend, the glacier glass became available at high-end retailers in 1981 and steadily gained popularity.  By 1985 more retailers began making their own version of the glacier glass, and the style became the go-to sunglass for mountaineers. 

Our take on the style is perfect for both those travelling across a glacier and those looking for a stylish pair of everyday sunglasses. Traverse truly combines style and function in that it boasts large lenses with high coverage and Italian leather shields on the sides of the frame to protect eyes against harsh winds and intense sun found at high altitudes. 

Sunlight is much more intense at high altitudes, and light reflected from snow and ice creates glare, so traveling across mountains, glaciers, or snowfields requires more eye protection than normal. This is where the Traverse’s wide lenses and Revo’s lens technology come in handy. Revo’s Light Management System™ features 100% polarization to block HEV light, blue light, and glare, while still letting in the light that is good for eyes.

Traverse is available with either Blue Water or Solar Orange lenses. While both lenses give unparalleled eye protection, they’re optimized for different light conditions. The Blue Water lens is Revo’s darkest lens and absorbs the most light, which is helpful when exploring snowy or icy terrain like a glacier. The Solar Orange lens is a brown-based lens that absorbs 84% of visible light, making it ideal for mid- to low-light conditions. Either way you go, your eyes will be protected (and you’ll look pretty cool too). 

Happy climbing!