After getting tired of the gym, Dubai-based Revo Ambassador Stephen Hughes-Landers decided to take his workout to the streets.  Hughes-Landers traded in weights and the treadmill for calisthenics—movements using one’s body weight to increase strength, fitness, and flexibility—and began working out outside using only his surroundings – think parking barriers, jungle gyms, benches- to exercise.   Since leaving the gym, he hasn’t looked back.

Regarded as one of the most entertaining and exciting athletes in the field, Hughes-Landers has been featured in magazines such as Men’s Health, represented Great Britain at the Street Workout World Cup, and took home first place in the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation’s 2014 UK National Championship.  His latest accomplishments: winning a gold medal in Hong Kong at the Arnold Classic Asia, and a cameo in a Snapchat by The Terminator himself! Below, Hughes-Landers takes a break from the bars to fill us in on why he chose calisthenics, why everyone can enjoy it, and how he stays motivated.  

PS: To see some amazing videos of Stephen's workouts in action, check out his Instagram (@SHL145) and Snapchat (SHL145). 

 Revo: What made you specialize in this particular expression of fitness? 

 Stephen Hughes-Landers: I chose to devote my life to calisthenics/street workout because it's something everyone can do. We are our own equipment which is why the community is growing so fast globally. I want to help others help themselves. 

 Revo: What the coolest place you’ve constructed a class workout?  

 SHL: The beauty of my workouts is we can adapt to any surrounding. Be it a multi-story car park, the beach, an abandoned building, forest. Having a portable pull up bar makes it even more fun. 

 Revo: Everyone has days when they just don’t want to get out of bed, especially for a workout. What gives you the push you need when this happens to you?

 SHL: I chat to hundreds of people who follow me daily on Snapchat (SHL145), and knowing they're all inspired by my journey motivates me. If I'm ever feeling “lazy”, it doesn't last long. I know how blessed I am and know why I am where I am. Hard work. I want to keep doing what I love so I love what I do. 

 Revo: What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of exercise?

 SHL: Food! I take the free community session group out for food sometimes just to hang out as people. People are my passion and food is my love. 

 Revo: What frame do you wear when you’re training, and what pair do you wear off-duty?

 SHL: Originally I wore Straightshot on the bars. That wrap around design meant not losing them whilst flying high. Now I use Lukee and Holsby too. I chose them for their style but after an unplanned freestyle session in jeans and shades, I now know they stay on solid too! Win, win!