Revo co-president Cliff Robinson says he wasn't surprised when some of the first reviews of the new line of 2016 goggles started to arrive. An tester called the Echo's photochromic optics the "best lenses I’ve ever got my hands on" after skinning from shady slopes to sunny summits on backcountry missions near Crested Butte, Colorado. touted the Wordsmith's "excellent glare reduction and temperature stability."

Robinson says he's even more heartened by recent feedback from several Revo ambassadors who have been field-testing the new goggles in some of the most extreme conditions on earth.

Revo wanted to pay tribute to its ski 
heritage and again offer pros and 
weekend skiers alike the best in lens technology

"The thing that really impressed me was how breathable the goggles are," says Italian mountain guide Enrico Mosetti, who first used the frameless Wordsmith goggles while ski-mountaineering in Peru's Cordillera Blanca range and has since made them his go-to goggles in any conditions. "They never get fogged! I used them uphill in Peru into a storm and they worked really, really well. Even in bad light conditions, the contrast is good."

"Thirty years ago Revo literally redefined sun lens technology – to the point where it became the unofficial sunglass of the US Ski team before the idea of sponsorships," says Robinson. "The team wore Revo because it worked. Fast forward to today, Revo wanted to pay tribute to its ski heritage and again offer pros and weekend skiers alike the best in lens technology, so it only made sense to offer Revo technology in a goggle. But it had to be something special and true to the brand’s DNA of innovation, so Revo worked really hard and developed an amazing photochromic polarized lens with all the signature Revo mirror coatings and the ability to read all digital devices. No more need to switch lenses or take your goggles off to read your phone. The Revo goggle is an all-in-one amazing lens with some really cool strap designs that echo the heritage of the brand."

Revo’s 2016 goggle line features both full-frame models – Capsule, Moog and Rollo – and two frameless models, the Echo and Wordsmith.

Across the line, the new goggles feature high-contrast, polarized, color-enhancing photochromic lenses, bringing Revo's heritage lens technology and the Revo Light Management System back to the slopes. The line debuts Revo's new Polarized Photochromatic Light Management System, with fast-changing lenses that allow in 68 percent of the available light in the unactivated state, and darken to block 88 percent of light in the activated state. That, combined with 100 percent blocking of UVA, UVB, UVC and HEV light and 50 percent polarization efficiency (to block the glare and increase contrast definition for full terrain recognition while still allowing unhindered viewing of gauges, watches, phones and other devices) makes every goggle in the line into an all-purpose, all-conditions must-have.

The multi-layer goggle mirrors are available in three colors: blue water, green water and solar orange. Each performs well in all conditions, and the choice mostly comes down to a matter of personal preference. The blue water mirror is designed to reduce internal light reflections, providing sharp, clear vision without diminishing contrast or causing color distortion. The green water mirror enhances contrast and improves vision in low light conditions. The solar orange mirror highlights terrain in high-intensity light conditions.

Mosetti says his Wordsmith frames have grown on him to the point where he doesn't know how he previously lived without the full range of vision they provide.

"Way better than all the goggles I had before," says Mosetti. We have a feeling you'll agree.