Here at Revo, we know sunglasses, and we know goggles. But what are other travel essentials for a full-time explorer? We couldn’t think of anyone better to ask than Jimmy Chin’s friends Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees.  Professional filmmakers, environmentalists, and Revo Ambassadors, Taylor and Renan have been traveling and filming together for five years in some of the most far-reaching corners of the world. The couple filled us in on what they can’t leave home without and who’s the better packer while working on their latest project in Iceland. 

Revo: When do you wake up on expeditions? What does your morning routine look like before you pack up your campsite and leave for the day?

Renan Ozturk: On expeditions, we tend to wake up before dawn, as to catch the first morning’s light. We are often running around grabbing time lapses and shooting video while our teammates wake up and make breakfast.  Our scene is a junk show though, usually many bags of camera equipment, batteries, slider tracks, and drones…an explosion of tech equipment in our tent that we scramble to get together and packed up for whatever the next leg of the journey is.

Revo: Are there any comforts of home you just can’t leave behind, no matter your destination?

RO: So long as we aren’t on an actual climb we tend to bring our electric toothbrushes around the world wherever we go. That can feel like a silly luxury at times but worth it.  It’s also nice to have really good noise-cancelling headphones, our Italian espresso percolator, and down booties.

Revo: Who’s the better packer?

RO: Taylor is by far the better packer, meticulously organized down to every sock and camera cord. But I’m probably better at throwing everything into the duffels on the last day when we are sleep deprived and about to miss our flight. Sometimes you just have to get it in and out the door!

Revo: You bring your husky, Baloo, with you on a lot of trips. Do you have a special bag for him and all his belongings?

RO: Despite being really picky about what he will and will not eat, Baloo is pretty easy to take care of and bring along on fun trips. He has water bottles with little foldable bowls attached, probably the most important piece of [his] kit.  He stays with the pack without a leash, sleeps between us in the car or at the foot of the tent while traveling, and just needs his raw elk steaks for dinner ;)

Revo: You are both filmmakers and avid Instagrammers. Do you style yourselves for shooting?

RO: Ha, that’s pretty funny. I don’t know if either of us have ever considered styling as an actual thing, we both just wear whatever we feel most comfortable in.  We do have to shoot each other for various partnerships and sponsors, but I guess it seems natural. If we are working with a brand, it’s probably because we already love and wear their products to begin with- for style, function, and durability. Taylor loves to dress up but [there are] not many opportunities for doing so when we spend most of our time in the dirt. She dresses up in gowns to play in the dirt though, if that’s the only option.

Renan and Taylor's Travel Essentials