One day when I was in middle school, my mother and I went shopping and found a pair of sunglasses we loved at a shop in the mall. There was nothing special about these cheap frames that we had except for the fact that when you put them on the whole world got warm. The white balance had so much orange in it that it made the world around you look and feel better.

I’ve moved up my sunglasses game since that day. I no longer buy $10 sunglasses especially for the adventure that my business and blog take me. There is still one thing I look for in a sunglass that hasn’t changed since that day in the mall, I like to look through the lens of my glasses and see the world in a better light even if that means capturing what I see is a little bit harder.

Revo Sunglasses has done an amazing job with not only protecting my eyes and keeping me looking good, but in helping to shape my perspective of the landscapes I see and none of this could be truer than in the Autumn season. While each lens will give you a different experience, you’re sure to see the world in the right light with one of these lenses.

Blue Water

My favorite Revo lens is the Blue Water lens. Maybe it’s the reflective surface or the way they pop with color but these lenses look great on any frame and photograph beautifully. When it comes to looking at the view through these, they do a great job of lowering the brightness just a touch and keeping things warm. There’s only a slight warmth from these lenses but it’s so small you barely notice it. If you're looking for a lens that will show you the landscape without changing it much, are always on the water, or just want to make your world seem a little bit warmer, this is the lens you want.


Leigh Abalone with Blue Water Lens, shop Leigh.

Ryland in Matte Black with Blue Water Lens, shop Ryland.

Green Water

My husband Clayton lives for the Green Water lens. Aside from the fact that he looks great in them, they brighten and warm up every scene and I love the reflective lens to play with when I’m taking photos. Unlike the Blue lens, this one really warms ups the world around you. It’s the perfect lens to go hunting for fall colors because they’ll explode through this lens.


Slater in Matte Tortoise with Green Water Lens, shop Slater. 

Slater in Matte Tortoise with Green Water Lens, shop Slater. 


The Graphite lens doesn’t have the same reflective properties as the water lenses, which is preferred by some. Unlike a lot of the other lenses this lens actually cools a scene, adding more blue to the look. Like the Blue Water lens, it’s a very small difference but it’s there. It also takes down the brightness a whole lot more than the water lenses making it a great lens for bright sunny days, but hikes in the middle of a forest might be a little tough with these.


Dalton in Matte Black with Graphite lens, shop Dalton


Dalton in Matte Black with Graphite lens, shop Dalton


The Terra lens is very similar to the Graphite except instead of it down cooling your environment, it slightly warms it. Just like the Graphite, it does have a darker lens to keep the light out and makes walking through Aspen forests a breeze, it just might get a little dark when you come to the pine forest.


Paxton in Tortoise with Terra Lens, shop Paxton.

The extra bonus, with every Revo Lens, is the polarization. From looking into rivers and lakes or needing the reflective light from the Aspens to calm down, these lenses will have you covered and look good doing it. It really doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a lens you’ll find one that fits your adventure. From levels brightness to the change in perspective of color and of course, always having a polarizing lens there’s really no wrong way to go, the hardest part is choosing, especially when you get to the frame!

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