Revo is exicted to announce that four of our ambassadors--Chantel Achterberg, Nicole Beukers, Carline Bouw, and Inge Janseen--will be competing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in the women's quadruple sculls rowing event.  While Atcherberg and Bouew won a Bronze metal in the women's eight event in London, this is Beuker and Janseen's first Games, and the first time that the women have competed as a team at the Olympics.  They will be competing against Australia, China, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA at the scenic Lagoa Stadium by the urban Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas area of Rio.  

Rowing has held a spot at the Olympic Games for over a century, with its debut in the 1900 Paris Games.  Not familiar with rowing?  Here's the lowdown:

A quad skull, as it's referred to, is a boat of four people, each rowing with one oar in each hand.  It's one of the many different types of women's rowing events that take place during the Olympics; others include a par, double skulls, and an eight.  In the women's quad skull event, the teams row 2000 meters from start to finish--no obstacles, turns, or buoys--categorizing it as a sprint, rather than an endurance event.  The quad skull is different from all other Olympic women's rowing events in that it is the only one that has four rowers and no coxswain, a person who is directing the rowers; other events vary in the number of rowers, amount of oars per rower, and whether there is a coxswain.

We wish Achterberg, Beukers, Bouw, and Janseen the best of luck, and we look forward to watching them compete August 6th at 7:30 am EST!