Stand back, this fishing contest is not for the occasional rowboat enthusiast. This September, teams from all over Europe and the UK flocked to Sofia, Bulgaria for the 63rd annual Sport Fishing World Championship for Nations. On the high-performing Team England, which claimed the bronze medal during this year’s Championship, is Revo Ambassador Desmond Shipp. We caught up with Des to ask him our top 5 questions about World Champion-level fishing.


Revo: What were your winning techniques in this championship?

Des Shipp: Fishing long-range waggler fishing for carp.

[Psst- Waggler fishing is a technique in which the float (waggler) is attached bottom-end only and is cast on a rod and line, instead of being shipped out on a pole.]


Revo: Does the choice of fishing equipment give a strategic advantage, or is the sports knowledge the main formula to winning?

DS: Both, but I would say mainly knowledge.


Revo: At what point did you all realize the Bronze was in your hands for the World Championships in Bulgaria? What was your reaction?

DS: We found out about an hour after the match had ended. It's always a great result to get a medal as the standard of fishing in Europe is very high.


Revo: How did you get into fishing?

DS: My parents were both keen fishermen, so they started taking me when I was very young. I then started fishing for local clubs and then bigger clubs.


Revo: What has been your proudest fishing career victory other than your success in the World Championships in Bulgaria?

DS: Winning the first of five world gold medals for team England!


Revo: What do you hope to accomplish as a team and as an individual next year?

DS: To get team gold and an individual gold would be brilliant!


Revo: What’s your favorite Revo lens color to wear when you’re fishing?

DS: The Blue Water polarized lens is really good for helping see the float at long range and helping keep the glare [from the water] off.


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