Revo’s Instagram is about to get even more scenic thanks to one of our newest Ambassadors, photographer and videographer Cameron DeMars. The Montana-based film student took a break from climbing rocks and shooting crags to talk with Revo about his summer video series, most-admired photographers, and the tough love of Mother Nature.


Revo: You started film school this month.  What drew you to film and when did you decide to pursue film professionally?

Cameron DeMars:  I was drawn to film because it was just another way for me to share with people what I do. I love the process and how much room there is to grow in the field, and that's also why I am pursuing it as a career! 


Revo:  Tell us more about your video series “MTN X DAYS”.  What’s your process for coming up with the concept and then filming it?

CD: "MTN X DAYS" is a miniseries devoted to nothing but pure documentation. This summer I realized that even though we are always outside, we aren't always on a huge trip/expedition. But the things we do day-to-day are still worth sharing with people, so I started the series to simply create more and share more. 


Revo: You take beautiful photo of mountains, forests, bodies of water, animals, and your friends. Do you feel drawn to one subject more than others?

CD:  Anything not created by man I am drawn to. If there's one thing I've learned it's that nature can inspire me with an array of so many different environments. If I had to choose it would be shooting forests and documenting people. People conquering terrain and being outside with nature is what I try to capture the most and what I love the most. 


Revo: What filmmakers and photographers do you look up to and why?

CD: Casey Neistat has been my inspiration since day one of starting film.  He's now full-time on YouTube, but his old movies continue to inspire me. He's just so creative-- it's insane! Photographers: Gotta be Chris Burkard.  The guy is just so rad and his pictures always convey a story or a feeling of love for the outdoors that so many people try to do but fail at. 


Revo: You’re quite the adventurer!  How do you get outside of your comfort zone?

CD: Get yourself some friends who crave that same feeling and go spend a couple days in the backcountry. Mother Nature always finds a way to remind me I'm not invincible! I've also recently been doing some multi-pitch climbing, which in my opinion is by far the best way to get out of your comfort zone. Nothing beats hanging 800 feet in the air by some rope and a couple cams! 


Revo: You’re going on a 24-hour hike and campout. Rugged terrain, on foot. What’s in your pack?

CD:  Aside from the backpacking essentials, I always bring a camera and a jar of Jif Honey Roasted Peanut Butter- best snack in the books! 


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