To pay her way through theater school, Revo Ambassador Alexandra Legouix began working at a track day company, where she learned to race.  What began as a side-gig turned into a fierce passion and multi-dimensional career.  Now a professional motorsports presenter and vlogger, Alexandra has presented on networks from Eurosport Worldwide to Fox Sports, with audiences reaching 600 million per show. Oh yeah—and she’s a pretty good driver herself! In May, she and teammate Hayley Marie Axe crossed the Sahara with nothing more than a car and a compass for a week-long charity rally. Below, Alexandra  talks the thrill of racing, overcoming pain, and paving the way for female motorsports presenters.

 Revo: You’ve ridden and driven with racers around the track. What’s that like? How did you learn to race the car?

 Alexandra Legouix: It’s great fun. Some tracks are more exhilarating than others and obviously some cars are better to drive than others but really, as long as I am going as fast as possible I’m quite happy. I very first learnt while I was working at RMA Ltd - a track day company. The first circuit I ever drove at was Spa, then the second was Nurburgring, where I was taught by Sabine Schmitz. Last year I drove the safety car (a beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C) for a lap with a driver at the start of each WTCC weekend, which helped me to build my knowledge and confidence. Being  taught by World Champions - the likes of Tom Coronel and [Sebastian] Loeb - is pretty lucky.

 Revo: Have you always been passionate about racing and sports? How did you fall into this genre of presenting and reporting?

 AL: Yeah I have,  but I 100% fell in to actual motorsport presenting by chance. I have always been sporty. I was a professional showjumper as a child and a gymnast/dancer and  then trained in Musical Theatre. Following the footsteps of Kate Winslet and determined to become an actress, I went to Redroofs Theatre School. Whilst there, to help pay for the fees, I applied for an  'Events Coordinator' role in the local newspaper. This turned out to be for RMA Ltd - a trackday company. I worked here for a while and realized I loved motorsports, driving, and the pit lane atmosphere. After leaving theatre school, I spent 5 years working as an actress and singer but still did bits and bobs for the trackday company. One day, out of the blue, I was asked to present Miss Great Britain for a night because their presenter had fallen ill, so I did that and realized that actually, presenting was way more fun than acting! My boss at RMA then really was the man to push me to consider looking at learning more about motorsports and looking at a route in motorsport presenting because there were so few women involved. So I revised, researched and developed this niche. Then in 2010, a big motorsports presenting job came up at the McLaren Technology Centre. I applied and got the job. Then the doors started to open more and more. Before I knew it I was running up and down pitlanes in the UK chasing drivers for interviews for about 5 different UK championships, all being broadcast on Motors TV. This I did for 3 years. Then a job came up to present the World Rallycross for Eurosport. I got that and fell in love with the industry even more. With that also came heaps of travel which has always been a massive passion for me too. Then 2014 I was offered the role at WTCC and haven't looked back since! Motorsports, presenting, and world travel... I have to make the most of that while I can, right?

 Revo: The [Rise of the UK] Wildcats looked like a very exciting adventure.  What did you and Hayley achieve and learn from this challenge?  

 AL: The rally was epic. What an incredible experience. I learnt that I 100% want to do more endurance rallies. I learnt that I can push myself further than I believed before. I learnt that trying to film such a big adventure whilst also participating is ridiculously hard. I learnt that I am not too shabby at driving or navigating in the dunes! It was blimen hard though. The original plan was to do a different rally - a 21 day rally - so this 6 day rally was really peanuts in comparison but it was still utterly exhausting and challenging! I have a degenerative disc disease so I truly didn’t know how well my body would cope with it, but I was ok and the experience overrode any pain I felt anyway!

 Revo: And which one of you is better behind the wheel?

 AL: We were very equal to be honest. Hayley is technically a better driver than me. She's an advanced driving instructor. But I have more balls and am a bit more daring. So we complemented each other well really. Hayley was better at navigating than I was. She had more patience for accuracy. I tend to be a bit too gung ho and take the 'it'll be fine, we will blag it' attitude... turns out that isn't quite the right attitude when it comes to the desert!

 Revo: You’re a presenter, blogger, actress, model, and singer. Could you describe yourself in one word?

 AL: Creative!

 Revo: What’s your favorite Revo frame to wear on the go?

 AL: The Lukee glasses are my favourites for sure. Not only do they have ridiculously good lenses and look great, but they are also hardy. For someone who breaks stuff ALL the time, that's important for me. They survived a rally in the desert and came back unscathed. That's clever!