We asked these Revo Ambassadors to pick 
frame for the adventurers on their lists.

For the Modern Outdoorsman

 Will Saunders, Photographer 

I'm Will Saunders, a professional adventure photographer based out of Salt Lake City, UT.  For my friend Jake, I picked Marx. Jake is an avid outdoorsman who recently made the seasonal activity switch from months of climbing to ski touring in the backcountry. Jake loves to tour in his glasses and then ski down the mountain in his goggles. With its large frame, Marx kills two bird with one stone - it protects from the sun while touring and the snow while skiing downhill. 


For the Minimalist on the Move
 Cait Bourgault, Photographer 

My friend Britney is a photographer, dog mom, and adventurer living in Maine. When she’s not outside hiking with her pup, she’s taking photos for clients or companies. This brings her everywhere from the city to the mountains. I wanted to gift her a pair of sunglasses that she could wear during any of these outings. The Revo Reign glasses give her just that - style for the days she’s shooting weddings or editing at a cafe, and durability for the days she’s climbing peaks in the mountains. It’s important for Britney to see her camera settings during shoots in bright sunlight, and Revo’s lens technology will protect her from sun glare on bright days. 




For the Extreme Adventurer
 Shawn Corrigan, Photographer 


I chose Slater for my friend Palmer Taylor. Palmer is a location audio engineer that specializes in action-adventure shoots, often leading him to the far reaches of the world.  Revo sunglasses are perfect for someone that spends so much time outdoors, especially in extreme environments as Palmer does. 







For the Spirited Wanderer
 Gaz Leah, Adventurer and Producer 



My name is Gareth "Gaz" Leah, I am a producer and professional adventure climber. I spend my life exploring the worlds lesser known locations and seeking experiences through a fresh world lens. I chose my wife Dr. Paola Carbajal who is an explorer in her own field of dentistry and an avid traveler. Nothing captures her excitement for life more than the first glance at a location that she's previously seen only in her dreams. I picked Traverse glasses for her because they are adaptable to many environments and having large lenses, they embody our shared view of seeing the world with your eyes wide open. 





For the Nonstop Traveler
 Cassandra Yourist, Outdoor Enthusiast 

My boyfriend Danny and I have been nonstop adventuring for over a year- island hopping, glacier walking, mountain summiting, ocean exploring, and cross-country driving. He is constantly on the move, so I chose the Guide S sunglasses. We are backpacking in Southeast Asia for the New Year, so shatterproof, polarized sunglasses with fast flow vents make the perfect gift. Plus, now I can stop bugging him to look at the water through my Revo lenses wherever we go.





For the Golf Enthusiast
 Megan Khang, Pro Golfer 



My name is Megan Khang, and I am a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour. In my line of work, I am outside 99% of the time and my Revo sunglasses are an essential piece of my equipment. I am gifting the Lukee frames to my caddy, Kurt Moskaly, who is an important member of my team. Kurt also plays golf himself, and there is rarely a time that I see him outside without sunglasses on. I picked this set of sunglasses for him because whether he is caddying for me, playing golf with his friends, or just relaxing outside, they are the perfect pair of shades for any occasion. Now that he has a pair of Revo's we can work side by side in some serious style!






For the  Active Entrepreneur
 Cameron DeMars, Photographer 


I chose to gift the Slaters to one of my best friends and business partner Caleb. Caleb and I met in film school and have always shared a love for film and the outdoors. This unique relationship led to us starting a media company in Bozeman, MT called Benshi Creative. Caleb's lax style and outdoor ambition made him a perfect fit for Slater. Because of its style and durability, Caleb can take the frames on early morning skiis up the Bridger Range and then stroll around downtown Bozeman without sacrificing style.







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