We are thrilled to unveil our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. This year, we asked our talented brand ambassadors to show us what their ultimate holiday looks like. Scroll through to see what's at the top of their lists this year and gather some bright ideas for anyone you know who loves to get outside.

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Learn more about our contributors, below the gift guide!

Photo by Alexandra Roberts. Cover photo by Katie Leigh Hutt



Pictured: Crawler, Cusp S, Traverse

Photographer: Mitchell Quiring

Pictured: Outlander S in Light Sand

Photographer: Mitchell Quiring

Pictured: Loki in Metallic Grey/Green

Photographer: Katie Leigh Hutt

Pictured: Kash in Seabreeze

Photographer: Renan Ozturk

Pictured: Descend N, Harness, Huddie, Relay, Huddie

Photographer: Alexandra Roberts

Pictured: Loki in Metallic Grey/Green

Photographer: Troy Kellenberger

Pictured: Kash in Black

Photographer: Taylor Rees

KATIE LEIGH (@katieleighhutt)

Katie Leigh is a commercial and portrait photographer and the founder of The Networking Shoot based in beautiful Colorado. Katie enjoys spending the day with her fiancé in the mountains, where she’s able to pursue adventure photography, and discovering new restaurants in growing Denver.

From the Holiday Guide Shoot:

“This was part of the second Networking Shoot, which brings bloggers and brands together to provide a night out for bloggers and a collaborative way for brands to source photos for their products. These four bloggers came together for a holiday-themed gathering to talk shop, share about their lives, and have their photos taken by me! We loved having a girls’ night in, sharing great stories and even greater laughs!”

New Year’s Resolution:

“This year’s resolution is to practice creativity more. I went to art school for drawing and painting and would like to get back to doing more of that while I grow my photography business. Sometimes it’s nice to get inspired by the things you don’t do every day.”


ALEXANDRA ROBERTS (@alexandraroberts)

Alexandra grew up in Maine and calls herself a “Mainer through and through.” She was introduced to photography by her mother, who always had a camera in hand and built a darkroom in the family basement when Alex was 13. Alex turned to photography as a full-time career in 2010 and has not looked back. Whether photographing her friends on the mountain for Revo or 300 guests at a wedding, Alex is loving what she does every moment behind the lens.


MITCHELL QUIRING (@sierradescents)

Mitchell Quiring is a Mammoth Lakes, CA-based photographer specializing in capturing wild and stunning photos of mountaineering, skiing, climbing, and everything in between.

On the holiday season:

“My favorite thing about the holidays is enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Whether it’s in the desert or deep in the backcountry, nothing beats time together for the holidays!”


RENAN OZTURK (@renan_ozturk)

Renan is an American rock climber, free soloist, mountaineer, and visual artist. Renan combines creativity and climbing, traveling the world making art, documentaries, and first ascents. Renan is widely known for his 2011 first ascent of the Shark’s Fin Route on Meru Peak beside Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker, during which the documentary film Meru was filmed. He has been named an Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic and is a co-founder of Camp4Collective.


TROY KELLENBERGER (@troythebeardedvegan)

Troy is based in Boulder, Colorado and loves anything outdoors. For fun, he pursues endurance trail running and peak bagging. 

 On the holiday season:

“My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my family and then crush it outside with my rad friends!”


TAYLOR REES (@taylorfreesolo) and Baloo (@baloointhewild)

Taylor is a photo journalist and filmmaker driven by insatiable curiosity and a desire to explore and tell the stories beneath the surface. Her passion for adventure infuses into her work around environmental and humanitarian issues, an intersection of worlds she believes needs critical thinking and heart. Taylor has been profiled on the New York Times’s segment Women In the World.