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Our History

The Best Lens On Earth

In 1985, Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda was working on a project for NASA when he had a simple idea: what if we used the coatings that protect satellites to shield our eyes from the sun? Dive into the Revo story, explore our fascinating history, and discover the milestones that have shaped who we are today.

Discover our History


NASA Astrophysicist and Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda starts working on a project that uses special coatings to protect satellite porthole windows from space radiation.


Dr. Ruda uses the NASA-developed protective coatings on a pair of sunglasses to protect the eye. With this revolutionary finding, Revo is born.


Two-time Super Bowl champ Jim McMahon is frequently spotted in his Revos and becomes an unofficial Revo ambassador.


Astronaut Pete Conrad, the third man on the moon, is featured in a Revo ad, cementing Revo as a cutting-edge innovator in eyewear.


Revo broadens offering to five different collections:
Classic, Shapes, Traveler, H2O, and Competition


Revo launches Python, a luxe style priced at $250—unheard of at the time. It becomes our No. 1 best-seller.


Revo launches a ski goggle, featuring the first single polycarbonate lens with Revo's unique protective coatings.


Revo introduces Sport, a performance collection with high-contrast, polycarbonate lenses.


Revo ad is featured in Tom Cruise’s Minority Report


Revo partners with Oceana, an international ocean advocacy group and provides team with performance eyewear for their expedition.


Revo partners with NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick for a capsule collection.


Revo partners with global icon Bear Grylls to launch a capsule collection featuring Revo SuperFlex™, an innovative, flexible frame material.