The intersection of comfort and style

With its clean design and structured lines, Converge blends sharp style and premium REVO Crystal Lens optics. Innovative frame technologies create a lightweight, comfortable fit, and a detachable leash and buoy keeps them secure during outdoor activities.

Model Specs

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REVO Crystal™ Lenses
Providing unsurpassed clarity and lack of distortion, REVO Crystal Lenses deliver unrivaled optics. Built from proprietary optical glass, this scratch resistant high-grade lens enhances color, clarity, and contrast.
Anti-Reflective Coating
Eliminates any light that bounces off the inside of the lens.
Element Shed™
Ensures that virtually all moisture, dirt and oil will roll right off the surface of your lens – keeping them cleaner, longer.
REVO High Contrast Polarization™
Polarized light, commonly known as glare, is the bright light that’s reflected off surfaces like water, snow and ice. High Contrast Polarization blocks this glare and selectively filters light so you see clear, vivid and natural colors.
Our Motion-fit system is a patented frame design that precisely positions your sunglasses to ideal locations on your nose and ears. You’ll experience a comfortable fit that’s free of unwanted pressure points.
Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made in part from the seed of the castor bean plant. Not only is this material sustainable and more environmentally friendly, it is also exceptionally light and flexible.
Nylon Frame
Highly durable, lightweight frames made from Eco-Use or Re-Use materials. Ideal for a variety of uses ranging from sports and performance optics to everyday wear
Spring Hinges
These specifically designed spring or cam-action frame hinges provide a secure yet comfortable fit for any face shape and size.
Nose Pads
Nose pads increase grip to provide a snug, secure fit when active.
Light Transmission


  • Graphite - 9%
  • Bronze - 10%
  • Water - 13%
Graphite Lens

Graphite is the most neutral lens, which allows for the truest color. Graphite is a great general-purpose lens suitable for all light conditions and works well for activities like cycling and climbing.

  • Add for Crystal Lenses: Light Transmission 9%
Bronze Lens

Bronze lenses provide the most color and contrast enhancement, making them ideal for golf, water sports, and general activities as well as everyday wear.

Water Lens

The Water lens is tailored to the specific light-absorbance profile of ocean water allowing you to see more naturally balanced colors in all water environments.

Detachable Leash/Buoy
The detachable, adjustable leash provides additional security for your sunglasses while the buoy keeps glasses afloat if they are dropped in water.
Prescription Ready
Available in +2.00 to -3.00; CYL 3.00 Max